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On Every Issue, Vote the Court

Posted on 30/10/2012

  Add the Washington Post’s Jonathan Bernstein to the large list of pundits recognizing the critical importance of the Supreme Court as an election issue. He writes:   But as important as [the survival of the Affordable Care Act] is, I …

Obama Talks About the Supreme Court

Posted on 26/10/2012

  Rolling Stone published an interview with President Obama yesterday in which he discusses what would happen to the Supreme Court – and to the American people – if Mitt Romney wins the election and gets to fill the next …

Supreme Court Nominations in Campaigns

Posted on 26/10/2012

  This year’s election has been heavily dominated by the economy, jobs, and the national debt with less attention given to the judiciary and the consequences of presidential nominations to the Supreme Court. With several of the current justices well …

Richard Mourdock and the Supreme Court

Posted on 25/10/2012

  Richard Mourdock’s statement yesterday about rape and God’s will, like so many other election issues, implicates the Supreme Court.   Mourdock and his allies are strongly anti-choice. The far right has been committed for a generation to populating our …

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